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Why buy from ZAAPTV?

Did you know ZAAPTV has been in the IPTV Market for more than 9 years?
ZAAPTV is the No1 IPTV product world wide including Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, England and throughout Europe with Distributors and Resellers on every continent.
Innovative products and continuous development. Unrivalled Product Support available 24/7 by Phone/Email and In-store.[/mk_message_box]

Attention ATN Network Users

As you know the ATN service has been suspended. As a result we are offering Customers the opportunity to EXCHANGE their ATN device for a ZAAPTV “X” device.
Click Here to purchase the ZAAPTV “X” for only $289.

Product Info

ZaapTV CLOODTV 4U with 2 Years Service and external antenna

ZAAPTV X Android Device

ZaapTV X with 3 Years Service GREEK or ARABIC - Youtube / Facebook / Kodi / Google Play


ZAAPTV Greek IPTV with 2 Years Service

4K Android Device front

ZaapTV GO & 4K Android Device Bundle

Price $449.00 $489.00 $400.00 $149.00$349.00
Availability Out of stock Out of stock Out of stock 490 in stock (can be backordered)
Channels 40+ Turkish, 900+ Arabic 40+ Turkish, 900+ Arabic 250+ Greek Timeshifted +2 +7 + 10 +12 hours, 50+ Greek Live Channels -
No of Channels (Total) 1400+ 1400+ 50+ -
Content Service 36 Months Renewable 24 Months Renewable 24 Months 12 Months Renewable, 24 Months Renewable
Warranty 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty -
Extended Warranty Available Yes Yes Yes -
Price $449.00 $489.00 $400.00 $149.00$349.00
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