Ramadan 2018

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world

Ramadan 2018 is upon us. This year Ramadan begins Tuesday May 15th and ends June 14th 2018. It is a special time for the majority of our Customers and all Muslims alike throughout the world. We acknowledge the importance, respect and admire the dedication Muslims possess during this 30 day period of fasting, praying, the festivities and the bringing of families together.

We have put together the prayer calendar for Melbourne as well as some Community links to different groups. If you would like to add any information to these pages, please complete the contact form: https://globetv.com.au/contact

For those of you who don’t know what Ramadan is, there is a fantastic page describing what Ramadan means to Muslims. You can read more on the following website: http://www.arabworldmedia.org

If you want to pray more in-depth for Muslims this Ramadan, we highly recommend getting a copy of the 30 Days of Prayer booklet, which is available in many countries and costs only a few $5 dollars Australian.

To help celebrate Ramadan, we have some exciting specials for our ARABIC and Turkish Customers. Please visit the following page on our website: https://globetv.com.au/ramadan

If you have any further questions or require general assistance, contact our Office on 03 9001 4526 during Business Hours: Mon – Fri from 10am to 5pm.

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world

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