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Black Friday & Cyber Monday SALE ON NOW

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Christmas & Holiday Office Hours 2022/2023

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Christmas & Holiday Office Hours WE WILL BE CLOSED THE FOLLOWING DAYS:ΤΟ ΓΡΑΦΕΙΟ ΘΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΚΛΕΙΣΤΟ για αυτο το διαστημα. 24th DECEMBER 2022 to 29th JANUARY 202326th JANUARY 2023 FOR AUSTRALIA DAY ONLINE ORDERS Orders placed Online will be dispatched as normal either same day or next Business Day. For all Sales enquiries and Support [...]

Streaming problems? Hotspot your ZAAPTV Device to your Mobile Phone

GlobeTV - Android and iOS Setup Instructions for Wi-Fi Hotspot and TetheringGlobeTV - Android and iOS Setup Instructions for Wi-Fi Hotspot and Tethering

If you are experiencing streaming problems and don’t know if it is your Internet Provider or the ZAAPTV device which has a problem, then maybe you can try the following to help diagnose the problem.

GlobeTV Office Hours - Office Hours
Re-Open 29th Jan 2019 MONDAY TO FRIDAY: 10:00am to 5: 00pm SATURDAY: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY SUN: CLOSED [mk_padding_divider] Christmas & Holiday WE WILL BE CLOSED THE FOLLOWING DAYS: ΤΟ ΓΡΑΦΕΙΟ ΘΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΚΛΕΙΣΤΟ για αυτο το διαστημα . 14th FRIDAY DECEMBER 2018 22nd SATURDAY to 25th TUESDAY DECEMBER 2018 29th DECEMBER TO 29th JANUARY 2019 [...]

Win Cash and Prizes!!!

GlobeTV Facebook Like - Click, Save and Win Prizes

Three ways to Save & Win with GlobeTV just in time for Ramadan. Just head over to our Facebook Page or click on the images below. Snap, Comment and Win…/app/403834839671843/ Send us a photo with your favourite ZAAPTV product, Comment and Like any FB Post or Photo. Share it with all your FB Friends. […]

What can cause interference with WIFI?

GlobeTV - How to improve your Wi-Fi performance

Many things can interfere with your modem’s Wi-Fi signal and this can significantly affect the performance of your ZAAPTV device creating buffering and freezing problems whilst streaming your Favourite Greek or Arabic TV Channels. Interference is generally caused by other Bluetooth devices, cordless handsets, baby monitors, wireless security cameras (commonly 2.4GHz but increasingly 5GHz), all […]